Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Gabriel All The Way

So long guys, so how things so far? Pretty good, huh? Mine's pretty surprisingly shocking. Anyways, Happy 7 Months and 11 days to my greatest guy in town. Thank you, youve always been there, the good times and the bad. Within fights and affections, within the break ups and the sweets, within arguments and hard decisions, within everything i fell in love. So much drama to put on to this blog. It was so hard and hurt to admit that you were really not here. And it was so much fun and exciting knowing that you're still care. We didn't want to an end. I was sorry if you found me so easily to give up on you, i spoke reckless, i acted not in the way it supposed to be. i was sorry, i tend to change. Sometimes when you're not around, i lack you. I thank God for He created such an amazing creature like you.

Well Tomorrow is like my big day. I will Graduate from High School. I will step on the higher phases of life. Even though we're sort of different now. Our schedule will be out of mind. And maybe our points of view will be different as well. And uuuhh, by that please. I will take you as you are, and please do the same thing in return. Im gonna make you as comfy as you think you will. Thanks for being magnificent. Thanks for being beautiful. And best of all Thank you for being mine.

Stasya <3

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011


Do you remember how you would catch me staring at you? How you would laugh and shake your head as if asking what I was looking at? I remember being in awe over just how beautiful you were. You were beautiful, like if the sun managed to peek through the clouds and the sunlight cast a shimmering spotlight on the ground. You were that rare and unmistakable beauty that makes people pull over on the road just to take a picture. You were beautiful and you were mine. Do you remember how I would wrap my arms around you just to feel that you were mine and mine alone? I remember living in disbelief that it was possible to know exactly what I wanted in life and to be able to hold it between my interlaced fingers. Keeping you in my embrace made me so happy, so complete, so whole. Do you remember how you would complain when I hugged you, saying that I squeezed too tight? How I would laugh and apologize, but wouldn’t loosen my grip. I never wanted to lose you. I never wanted to let you slip away. I never wanted you to leave. But you did. And that hurts. Really.