Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

iShout Gabrieeeeel!

Miss me? Well, here i am. I've done so many great things around. i wish i could share them all, oh how i wish i could. I demanded by a guy to write things. Things you guys could never imagined. It all started by Broadcast Messages which was really annoyed me. Broadcast Messages really annoy people, i bet. At first, i really didnt give a damn. but then, things seemed has to change. I remember when i was sitting on a grade 11. I couldnt help myself to control the view. I saw a cute one sat on the edge of Basketball's Court. I suddenly yelled at my friends, "ADA COWOK GANTENG HAHAHAHA" well i know it sounds awkward. For the past 2 weeks my friends kept on mocking me. They were like CIE CIE. Hahaha i was like "Whats up with that?" At the same time, a friend of mine told me that he was dating a girl. OH WELL..........

As the time goes by, I am sitting on the last grade of High School. Which is He's on his sophomore year. I liked him, he liked me back. We fought, we made up. We've been putting up together in affair for like a month. Last 0ctober 10, 2010. He labeled me by a phone call!!!!! :D this is tempting. The past 5 days we were fine. A freshmen couple. Then when we got to the next day, i felt something strange in him. I messed up. I really did. i was afraid of losing him by a frightened fights among my dearly friends and him. He became very rude, he didnt treat me the way a girlfriend supposed to be treated. When i threw questions like "Kamu kenapa? Kamu marah? Kenapa sih jangan kayak gini dong :(" then he replied "Mau tau ajasih. Apaan? Gak marah. Lagi ngapain lo?" Truth be told, he got me messed up. I cried my self to sleep, i felt like i couldnt stand this. But then, on friday things have changed. He's back.

I'm so lucky to have him around. Im so lucky to wrap his hands around me. Although he's my junior at school, i dont mind. I really dont. You know when you are really in love with someone, Age, Distance, Weights, Heights are just damn numbers. And if being crazy means living life as if it matters, then i dont mind being completely insane for you. i love you with all my butt ;p i would say heart but my butt is bigger. HAHAHA no, i love you with all my heart, dear Gabriel. Please take care of this heart with you. I know what i want, because i have it in my hands right now, You.

Stasya :----)