Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

A Day With Kartika

It was June 16th 2011. We were having a little chat on BBM. Not a little though, we shared which was only us figured out. I was trying to cheer her up, chin her up, and cheese her up. She was trying the same thing in return, but this time was cooler than anyone could've done. Here's the details:

"Hellloooo stasya... *spooky tone* now youre being choked by me, feel the pain!!! Feel the pain inside your brain! Ngaihahahahahahahahhaha uhuk uhuk"

"AND NOW YOU'RE BEING KISSED BY ME! AW, forget about bugsy!"

"No Stasya!!! Please don't!!! Don't let her kiss you, let me kiss you all of your pain away ;;) woof woof oink oink"

"Argh Bugsyyyy!!!! I hate you hixhix you took away stasya from me, okay bugsy from now on LOE, GUE, END."

"Kartikanya cedih melana cendilian"

"Gua abisin lu bugsy!"

Narrator : "Sejak bugsy memacari stasya, bugsy akhirnya menjadi bintang telenovela menemani stasya menjadi pemeran utama. Ia menjadi terkenal akhirnya...

"Dia akhirnya punya film sendiri HAHAHAHAHAHAH that's life! Rich Bugsy, Poor Me :''("

-Kartika Andreani Sharon <3

Cheers and thank you for boosted me dear booster,