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Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

A Day With Kartika

It was June 16th 2011. We were having a little chat on BBM. Not a little though, we shared which was only us figured out. I was trying to cheer her up, chin her up, and cheese her up. She was trying the same thing in return, but this time was cooler than anyone could've done. Here's the details:

"Hellloooo stasya... *spooky tone* now youre being choked by me, feel the pain!!! Feel the pain inside your brain! Ngaihahahahahahahahhaha uhuk uhuk"

"AND NOW YOU'RE BEING KISSED BY ME! AW, forget about bugsy!"

"No Stasya!!! Please don't!!! Don't let her kiss you, let me kiss you all of your pain away ;;) woof woof oink oink"

"Argh Bugsyyyy!!!! I hate you hixhix you took away stasya from me, okay bugsy from now on LOE, GUE, END."

"Kartikanya cedih melana cendilian"

"Gua abisin lu bugsy!"

Narrator : "Sejak bugsy memacari stasya, bugsy akhirnya menjadi bintang telenovela menemani stasya menjadi pemeran utama. Ia menjadi terkenal akhirnya...

"Dia akhirnya punya film sendiri HAHAHAHAHAHAH that's life! Rich Bugsy, Poor Me :''("

-Kartika Andreani Sharon <3

Cheers and thank you for boosted me dear booster,

Jumat, 10 Juni 2011


Name: Stasya Zephora Lintuuran
Date of Birth: 30/01/1993
Birthplace: Jakarta, Indonesia
Eye Color: Amazing Black yeah
Hair Color: Medium Black

Band/Singer: John Mayer. Paramore. Kings Of Leons. A Day To Remember.
Song: That’s a tough one! I can’t pick just one favorite song.
Movie: Gosh… I can’t pick just one movie, either! I like almost everything except those friggin Korean.
Disney Movie: UP!
TV show: Glee, 90210.
Color: Currently Green Tosca/Purple
Food: Sushi&Seafoods
Ice-Cream Flavor: Mmmm Chocolate. Tied!
Drink : brainwash / coffee (based on where I am)
Soda: Coke coke coke!
Store: Don’t have one! I like lots of stores.
Clothing Brand: Don’t have one :)
Shoe Brand: Don’t have one errr!
Month: January, August, and October for sure
Holiday/Festival: Christmas.
Flower: Don’t have one. I just like ‘em!
Make-Up Item: I guess eye liner?

This or That:
Sunny or rainy: RAINY!
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Fruit or veggie: Fruit!
Night or day: Night.
Sour or sweet: SWEET
Love or money: LOVE <3 …What kind of crazy person would pick money over love?!
Phone or in person: In person.
Looks or personality: A mix of both. You have to have a happy medium here. You basically can’t be with a person who you’re not physically attracted to because you won’t have physical chemistry, but you also can’t be with a person who you can’t connect with on an emotional level. SO. both.
Coffee or tea: Both!
Hot or cold: cold!

Goal for this year: I cannot disclose this information! It’s a future and... love heehe yea yea
Most missed memory: So many… too many to put on paper.
Best physical feature: hair, I think. Not sure, really… Hmm…
First thought waking up: I really need to go back to sleep
Fairytale alter ego: Princess Belle, dude!
Worst crime: Murder. Duh! I killed the mosquito almost every night. Sorry, but I have to!
Greatest ambition: So many :)
Greatest fear: Drowning
Darkest secret: I honestly don’t have any dark secrets.
Favorite subject: My favorite subject in school was probably Chemistry…. Or Physics.
Strangest received gift: I can’t remember receiving any strange gifts.
Worst habit: lazy.

Do You:
Drink: Yes.
Curse: No.
Shower daily: yes.
Like thunderstorms: Yes… but they’re better when you’re with someone :-D
Dance in the rain: Absolutely
Sing: Yes. All the time.
Get along with your parents: Very well, yes :)
Wish on stars: Surprisingly, Yes.
Believe in fate: Yes.
Believe in love at first sight: yes!!

Can You:
Drive: Yes. No. I dont know. i think that's a no. u-uh. No.
Sew: No.
Cook: Yes.
Speak another language: Yes… but now I’ve forgotten most of what I learned.
Dance: Yes ;p
Sing: Yes.
Touch your nose with your tongue: Nope!
Whistle: Yes.
Curl your tongue: Yes.

Have You Ever:
Eaten Sushi: Yum-yes
Been in Love: Yes.
Skipped school: Yes…
Made prank calls: Yes, when I was younger, my friends and I would do this occasionally. Oh, slumber parties!
Sent someone a love letter: yes ;p
Cried yourself to sleep: yes :’)

Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person? Stupid people who act smart. (called: sotoy!)
Are you right or left handed? Right.
What is your bedtime? I do what I want! On weekdays, I’m usually in bed by 1 am.
Name three things you can’t live without? Jesus, Gabriel, Parents.
What is the color of your room? Pink.
Do you have any siblings? 4!
Do you have any pets? I once had :(
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? Absolutely not
What is you middle name? Zephora.
What are you nicknames? princess... I think that’s it, really. Haha no, Stas. REALLY!
Do you have a crush on anyone? yes, im beyond it!
Are you afraid of the dark? Sort of
How do you want to die? In my sleep… but (this is morbid) I’ve always thought I would die in some weird tragic freak accident, or get murdered. So odd… I really hope that doesn’t happen.

In a Member of the Opposite Sex:
Hair color: Don’t care :)
Eye color: Don’t care :)
Height: Not short.
Weight: In shape.
Most important physical feature: I’m not sure… I would say as long as they look at you with passion in their eyes, you’re good to go!
Most important personality feature: common!

Happy 8 Amazing Months Anniversary Sweetheart

Happy Anniversary my treasure Gold. I don’t know what it is about you, maybe it’s the way nothing else matters when we’re talking, or how you make me smile more than anyone else has. It could be the way that you say 
the exact right thing and exactly the right time but whatever it is, i just want you to know that it means everything to me. Thank you for bringing me rainbows after my darkest nights of all time. You have no idea of how much you mean to me. I Thank God also, that i'm still holding you tight. No more letting go(s) and i thank God for you so affectionate. I love you. Be with me for the rest of my life <3